Assisted Interpretation by endla

Empower your geoligists with powerful automated workflows based on rule based models and Machine Learning.

Continual improvement

Latest geological understanding of historic data

Quickly compare previous interpretations against the latest interpretation models.

Automated model updates

Interpretation of new data automatically updates models to capture ongoing growth of geological knowledge in the organization.

Increased Consistency

Reduce bias

Trained models and a datastore enable consistent interpretation across the organisation to reduce bias.

Second set of eyes

A combination of interpretation modes enable sections of disagreement to be flagged for more careful analysis. This reduces mistakes and improves overall consistency.


Fast interpretation

Reduce time spent interpreting data and instead spend time analysing it.


History of interpretation can be viewed and learnt from across wells and time.

Codify knowledge

Codify organisation knowledge across multiple years and teams operational experience.

Advanced Technology

Machine learning

Advanced machine learning models at your finger tips.

No code to maintain

No need to manage, deploy and improve your own models.

Ready to add value to your operations?