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Endla is a software company that solves technically challenging problems in the engineering sector. Our mission is to combine engineering talent and the latest technology to develop the next generation of design and optimisation tools.

The first product we developed, called AlphaTally, is an auto-design tool for open hole slotted liner completions. It is already adding significant value via cost savings for coal seam gas operators.

Endla's Capabilities

Endla builds purpose specific tools that enhance engineering decisions.

Coal Seam Gas - Drilling & Completions

In the coal seam gas (CSG) industry wells are drilled and completed in a matter of days. The short turn around time and unknown specific geology until drilling commences means many on the fly decisions must be made. To succeed in this sector the operators must consistently make engineering decisions to drill and complete high performing cost-effective wells.

Endla developed a tool called AlphaTally to help coal seam gas operators achieve the best completion outcomes. AlphaTally applies sophisticated algorithms to generate the best open hole slotted liner tallies in the industry.

AlphaTally generates the best tallies because it understands the solution space and has the ability to optimise part usage, interburden exposure and coal coverage. This allows specification of tighter engineering tolerances and reduces completion time resulting in substantial value add for operators.

Coal Seam Gas drilling illustration

Endla’s tool saves us time and enables us to increase the number of packers, which improves the completion design quality and has resulted in significant value-add to the wells drilled on this campaign.

Data Flow Automation

Data transfer and manipulation is frequently a bottle neck distracting engineering resources from doing engineering.

Areas that we have experience solving data flow issues are:

  • Gathering network modelling
  • Process performance monitoring
  • Geographic information system data
  • Reporting

Data Flow Automation


Organisations have lots of data but often Excel or enterprise analytics platforms (eg Spotfire) are not enough to extract the full value.

By building interactive dashboards in the cloud you can unlock new value in your data by performing more sophisticated analysis.

For example:

  • Add thermodynamic analysis to compressor monitoring
  • Live gathering network pressure and flow models
  • Drilling ROP analysis

Data Dashboard

Dynamic & Multidimensional Modelling

Optimally designing and operating complex systems requires digital models to explore and understand the solution space.

We can develop purpose specific modelling solutions for you using differential equations and computational fluid dynamics all accessible as cloud applications.

Areas we have applied modelling in are:

  • Bioprocesses
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Oil and Gas reservoirs

Dynamic & Multidimensional Modelling solution space plot

Our Clients

At Endla we're driven to deliver excellent value for our clients and we're proud of the work we do together.

Our Team

Endla is a highly talented and motivated team based in Brisbane, Australia. Together, we can accelerate the transition to purpose built digital tools that enable substantial improvements in engineering efficiency and performance.

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