Pipelines by endla

One click data sync from GIS to flow modelling software. Analyze GIS and simulation data with rich 2D and 3D visualizations.



One click to turn GIS data into flow assurance models.

Single source

Using a single source of truth to create and edit pipeline data removes double work and translation errors that are normally introduced in the processing of creating flow assurance models.


One Click

Normally, even with Macro based automation, heavy preprocessing work, specific knowledge on how to do that processing and lots of time is needed to create and maintain flow assurance models.


Data in context

Rich visuals on-top of the data enable deeper understanding of pipeline data and auditing of modelling results.


Automation of gathering network design and operation optimization studies.

Sync from GIS

  • Reads from raw GIS data, no pre-processing required.
  • Changes to GIS files are automatically reflected in pipeline models.
  • Removes tedious manual work and mistakes replicating the pipeline in modelling software.
Build rich analytics and automation on top of your data in context.

Data Explorer

  • View the network graph and automatically build or update flow assurance models in any modelling software that has an API (existing support for GAP from Petroleum Experts).
  • Run and read out modelling results to feed additional information into the visualizations.
  • Easily graph flow lines and export the data to CSV.
  • Automatically optimize pipeline designs (e.g. diameter for desired pressure) or run a surface compression location study.
Build rich analytics and automation on top of your data in context.

View in Context

  • View the gathering network in the context of your entire asset.
  • Overlay pressure, flow, elevation, location data all in a single view.
  • Quickly uncover insights from combined data sets such as potential pressure bottle necks or key locations for high point vents.
Build rich analytics and automation on top of your data in context.

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