AlphaStim by endla

One click vertical and deviated stimulation designs for straddle and plug & perf systems. Optimized for each unique Well.



One click to turn lithology interpretation, key zones and design metrics into a ready to execute stimulation plan.

Single source

Use a single source of truth to build out your recipe book of stage designs. Achieve consistent execution of philosophy between your team.


One Click

Normally, even with Macro based automation, heavy preprocessing work, specific knowledge on how to do that processing and lots of time is needed to get a stimulation plan ready for execution.

AlphaStim does all this and more for you.


Data in context

Rich visuals on-top of the data enable deeper understanding of Well stimulation plan in context of offset Wells and auditing the design.


Automation of stimulation design and enables rapid planning, what-if scenario modelling and optimization studies.

Build Enterprise Knowledge

  • Stimulation plans are built from a recipe book and decision tree of potential strategies.
  • Recipe book continually improves as new learnings are added to the knowledge base. This learning can be from executed stages, simulation or experience.
  • Enable consistent execution across different team members and simplifies the process of experimenting then implementing new stage designs.
Graph of fracture growth versus depth. Data points support fitting of a fracture growth window.

Visually Driven

  • View, rapidly compare, and edit multiple designs in a single Well plot.
Build rich analytics and automation on top of your data in context.

View in Context

  • View the Stimulation plan in the context of offset Wells and the subsurface.
  • Overlay key data in a single view.
Build rich analytics and automation on top of your data in context.

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