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Work with Endla to build a custom solution to your problem on the Deep Insight platform

Deep Insight Platform

Deep Insight is our Digital Twin and Auto-Design platform on which we build solutions to your problems.

Custom analytics, visuals and automation can be built by your own engineers or our team on top of the platform.

Deep Insight already has rich interactive visuals supporting surface and subsurface teams. It is secure (SOC 2 Type 2 certification), cloud first, and integrates with your organizations's single sign-on (SSO).

Deep Insight is the perfect location to build your custom solution.

Auto-Design & Optimization

Automating, optimizing and creating auto-design workflows for repeated processes is a key part of our mission. Implement an existing module on Deep Insight or work with us to build a new one to solve your specific problem.

Circle rolling more efficiently than a square symbolising the better well completion designs produced by AlphaTally

Reduce costs

  • Do more with less
  • Accelerate cost saving initiatives
Group of particles symbolising well solid production

Increase production

  • Optimize design & operation
  • Identify & assess more uplift opportunities
  • Shorten feedback loops
Dancer symbolising AlphaTally's flexibility in design specifications

Increase productivity

  • Free Engineers from lower value tasks to tackle higher value problems
  • Reduce admin tasks
  • Focus on core competencies not software development

Integrated Asset Optimization Platform

Using its core design optimization algorithms and step change in performance from cloud compute Endla can help optimize field wide configuration of assets.

Combining physics based simulation with machine learning techniques

Optimally designing and operating complex systems requires digital models to explore and understand the solution space. The nodal nature of oil & gas developments results in a problem with huge number of configuration options.

We develop purpose specific modelling solutions utilising existing physics based simulation engines, machine learning and cloud computing to enable field wide optimization.

There are many opportunities for operators to apply this for significant cost savings and production uplift, such as:

  • well draw down pressure
  • predicting bottom hole flowing pressure from production data
  • automatic calculation of well properties (e.g. skin) from production and shut-in events
  • location of compression (well head, nodal and hub level)
  • acceleration of draw down versus infill drilling
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Dynamic & Multidimensional Modelling solution space plot

Success Story

Endla identified an opportunity for the optimization of completion design in coal seam gas through an implementation of its software AlphaSpace.

AlphaSpace is already being used by major operators in Australia to improve performance of new wells.

puzzle challenge


  • Factory like well operation
  • Multiple target zones defined by heterogenous lithology in reservoir
  • Grouping lithology and designing completion efficiently to balance multiple competing objectives is challenging
Brain with lightbulb


  • Implementation Endla’s auto-design software called AlphaSpace
  • Automatically generates the optimal completion design given the operators understanding of factors driving well performance, lithology and available inventory
Results and benefits

Results and Benefit

  • Reduced installation cost
  • Increased mean time between workover
  • Improved capture of production coals

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