AlphaSpace by endla

Reduce CAPEX, decrease OPEX, and increase production with industry leading completion auto-design software custom implemented for your unique wells.

The software is nothing short of amazing and certainly makes my job a lot easier.


Reduced well installation cost

Efficient designs

Reduce rig standstill
Reduce part usage
Reduce manual handling

Fast and simple

Logs to tally in 10 minutes OCR can focus on running the completion


Highly repeatable performant designs
Consistent selection of company-wide optimal design

Improved well lifetime outcomes

More performant designs

Optimize production zone grouping
Increase mean time between workovers
Edge cases significantly increase captured coal

Cross-functional objectives

Dynamically balance, install cost, coal exposure and isolation

Continual improvement

Through rapid feedback of learnings into well designs


Free technical debt holding back change to better approaches (packer installation rules)
Designed from ground up to handle changing requirements

Enhanced engineering productivity

Cloud app

Virtual teams can collaborate from anywhere
Step change in available compute means engineers can analyse more information

Information transparency

Enable review of design process to ensure organisation wide objectives achieved

Continual improvement

Through weekly and monthly iteration of software driven by your needs

Simplify & Focus

Reduce IT infrastructure and technical debt
Integrates into existing workflows

Case Study

AlphaSpace is the evolution of AlphaTally. The industry proven software resulted in a step change in performance for coal seam gas companies over existing solutions.

70 Tallies Generated

Senex Energy Ltd

  • Existing solution was for the operating company representative to manually complete the tally
  • Endla's software was implemented and used on 70 wells in the backend of the 2019/2020 Project Atlas and Roma North campaigns in the Surat Basin
  • Senex continues to use Endla's software today.

Endla’s tool saves us time and enables us to increase the number of packers, which improves the completion design quality and has resulted in significant value-add to the wells drilled on this campaign.

Saved 140-200 hours of rig time by reducing completion design time

Improved isolation performance by an order of magnitude while using the same or fewer parts

Reduced frequency of events with suboptimal selection of parts available by improving the inventory allocation

Improved well performance by making better hardware placements

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