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AlphaTally uses sophisticated algorithms to generate the best open hole slotted liner tallies in industry.

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What does AlphaTally do?

AlphaTally helps you to generate the optimal completion tally given your well design constraints, available inventory and geology.

Step 1 - your drilling team

Drill and log well

Coal Seam Gas drill site with drilled well and casing parts on the surface
Step 2 - your Geos

Interpret logs

  • Specify the location of coals and other geology of interest
  • Interpreted log of coal seam gas well by geologist showing the location of coals
    Step 3 - AlphaTally

    Design the Open Hole Slotted Liner Completion

    Using the specifications from the logs the completion tally needs to be created on the fly using the available inventory.

    The tally needs to:

    • minimize part usage
    • maximize coal exposure
    • minimize interburden exposure
    • be generated fast
    Endla’s algorithm (AlphaTally) optimizes these constraints with a super fast and simple workflow.

    Computer and person symbolising AlphaTally generating the casing completion tally
    Step 4 - your drilling team

    Run the casing tally

    Run the preferred casing tally generated by AlphaTally in step 3

    Completion rig with casing tally and the casing parts installed in the well

    How does AlphaTally add value?

    Open Hole Slotted Liner (OHSL) completions are a complex problem with many possible ways of arranging the available parts (like a game of Tetris). Complex problems give rise to varying levels of performance in completing the task.

    Circle rolling more efficiently than a square symbolising the better well completion designs produced by AlphaTally

    Efficient Designs

  • Fewer parts
  • Faster time to run completion
  • Better Isolation

  • Reduced solids production
  • Savings from reduced workovers
  • Dancer symbolising AlphaTally's flexibility in design specifications


  • Rapidly scenario test alternative completion philosophies
  • Savings from reduced workovers
  • Stopwatch symbolising faster workflow

    Fast & Simple

  • Reduced rig standstill time
  • OCR can focus on running the completion
  • Rotating arrows symbolising consistent quality of performance

    Consistent Completion Quality

  • Neutralizes completion quality as a factor when analysing well performance
  • More predictable inventory requirements
  • Clipboard with inventory items listed

    Improved Inventory Management

  • Rich analytics of inventory usage
  • Ability to forecast inventory needs
  • Case Studies

    AlphaTally is industry proven and providing coal seam gas companies with a step change in performance over existing solutions.

    70 Tallies Generated

    Senex Energy Ltd

    • Existing solution was for the operating company representative to manually complete the tally
    • AlphaTally was used on 70 wells in the backend of the 2019/2020 Project Atlas and Roma North campaigns in the Surat Basin
    Stopwatch symbolising faster workflow
    Saved 70-100 hours of rig time by reducing tally calculation time
    Improved isolation performance by an order of magnitude while using the same or fewer parts
    Clipboard with inventory items listed
    Reduced frequency of events with suboptimal selection of parts available by improving the inventory allocation
    Rotating arrows symbolising consistent quality of performance
    Enabled targeting tight tolerance on well design specifications the client identified to improve well performance

    Customer testimonial

    AlphaSpace has proven itself as the industry leading method to generate downhole casing tallies.

    Endla’s tool saves us time and enables us to increase the number of packers, which improves the completion design quality and has resulted in significant value-add to the wells drilled on this campaign.

    Ready to add value to your completions?