Senex collaborates with Endla to achieve industry leading completion performance

Gonzalo Vazquez from Senex and Riley O'Donnell from Endla at the Senex office in Brisbane.

Recently, we partnered with Senex, to further improve their coal seam gas drilling and completion performance. A preferred completion design for many coal seam gas wells are open hole slotted liners. In this completion type prefabricated steel casings are run into the drilled hole. The order and jewellery equipment are specified by a completion tally. Senex’s completion tallies were already very high performing but by working with Endla, Senex have been able to improve their completion tallies even further – in fact we set the new completion tally bench mark with industry leading performance in Senex’s most recent campaign.

Our Collaboration

In 2019 we commenced work with Senex to implement an auto-design tool for coal seam gas well completion tallies. Senior drilling engineer Gonzalo Vazquez led the project at Senex alongside Riley O'Donnell from Endla. Through the combined expertise of the two companies, the software has advanced from the first version presented to Senex’s team, to a product that is now used in industry. Via this fruitful relationship Senex gained early access and unique input to Endla’s industry leading software called AlphaTally, while Endla gained valuable real-world testing during AlphaTally’s development.

How AlphaTally works

Senex feed AlphaTally a datasheet with the completion design specifications. AlphaTally then completes a sophisticated auto-design process to maximize the performance of the completion across a series of key metrics, while satisfying a robust set of constraints to ensure well integrity. The completion tallies generated by AlphaTally are then sent back to the well site engineers and drillers who select and verify the final tally before it is implemented. Not only does AlphaTally provide Senex with better performing completion tallies but it frees their drilling team resources from generating the tallies which gives the team more time to review and perform their primary activities on the drill site.

The performance improvement

AlphaTally’s advanced auto-design process improved Senex’s completion designs across multiple key performance metrics:

  • Non-coal isolation
  • Accuracy on key completion design metrics
  • Rig standstill time
  • Equipment usage
AlphaTally’s leap in performance across these metrics delivered Senex significant cost savings .

Increasing value overtime

Senex achieved industry leading drilling cycle times and well costs in their latest campaign but like Endla, they’re constantly striving to improve. Partnering with Endla to improve completion designs is a great example of how a strategic industry partnership can push the boundaries of performance further. We’re proud of the work we’ve done with Senex and our role in their successful campaign. We’re continuing this successful partnership with Senex to work on innovative ways of utilising data to feedback into future drilling campaigns and to maximize the lifetime value of existing wells.

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